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When cta-xx-a transitions you need to transition from, for example, an area covered in plush carpeting to one of bare concrete, you need a smooth transition. T4F Stocked Colors: 40 Black, 47 Brown, 48 Grey & 49 Beige. To help, we offer an entire family of finishing accessories that will comply with regulations while complementing the existing finish elements. Available in five sizes for varying transition situations. Johnsonite CTA-XX-H Patented Wheeled Traffic Transitions 1/4" or 1/8" x 2-1/2" Material to Floor.

cta-xx-a transitions Decem In Uncategorized. Transitions for laminate flooring are available in the 7 colors shown above plus additional colors shown below, which can. M-D Building ProductsInch Hardwood Transition Tile to cta-xx-a transitions Vinyl,Unfinished. 15 Designs in 39 color options. Johnsonite CTA-XX-N Wheeled Traffic Transition provides a professional finish where floors cta-xx-a transitions terminate 1/8" to 1/8" material. T 4 F Stocked Colors: 40 Black, 47 Brown & 48 Grey.

See Johnsonite Wheeled Traffic Transition installation and maintenance instructions for complete details. EG-XX-M CTA-XX-A CD-XX-W. Ceramic Tile & Stone Setting Materials. Safe, professional transition for flooring of various materials and heights. Provides professional finish where floor terminates. This transition strip adhesive is also recommended to install vinyl and rubber cove base on non-porous surfaces only, such as stainless steel.

cta-xx-a transitions Installing floor trim molding is easy. CTA-XX-PL 3/8" material. Get it as cta-xx-a transitions soon as Wed, Dec 16. 39 colors, 5-1/2", 1-3/4", 1" width strips available. See cta-xx-a transitions Color Guide for Availability. This transition strip is designed for joining carpet to vinyl floors. 1/4" material to floor, 2-1/2" cap cta-xx-a transitions with 2-1/8" wide support base, wheel traffic design (1:7 slope).

Lombard Street, Baltimore, MD 21224; Phone; Fax; Toll Free; Master SKU: CTA-XX-A Johnsonite durable transition strips are a great choice to join different flooring materials in high traffic spots at home or work. Trims & Transitions. Transitions WHEELED TRAFFIC TRANSITIONS FloorScore@ certified and meets CA 01350* transitions A part of ReStart@ program Phthalate Free TVOC 100 ug/m3 Phthalate free except for recycled materials Recycled Content Pre-consumer 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 1/8".

35mm) carpet to 1/8″. 1/4" carpet to 1/8" resilient materials, 1-3/8" cap with 1/8" wide support. M-D Building ProductsInch Hardwood Transition Tile to Vinyl,Unfinished 4. The CTA-XX-A transition strip is available in Johnsonite&39;s cta-xx-a transitions Standard 36 Colors. Non-stock colors are available by special order for an additional per color charge and usually ship within 5-7 business days. 080" CTA-XX-M material. Transition strips are great for filling the gap between flooring materials, such as the seams between carpet and vinyl surfaces.

Adhesives: Tarkett 946 Premium Contact Adhesive (Non-porous surfaces) Application: Brush or roller Approximate coverage: 1 kg Unit (0. Even if the two surfaces differ in thickness, these transitions will create a seamless, unobtrusive juncture, each surface securely locked into place and allowing for safe foot and rolling traffic above while meeting ADA compliance. cta-xx-a The vinyl transition will help maintain a smooth surface to prevent tripping on uneven flooring seams. Find your colors together on the chart. Our edging comes in two different sizes,.

5 out of 5 stars 82. This is a resilient floor adaptor designed for joining 5/16" flooring to 1/8" resilient floor. This cta-xx-a adaptor is made for a carpet to vinyl flooring transition transitions application. 1/4" and 5/16" sponge back carpet to 1/8" resilient, 1-1/16" cap with 1/4" long snap-in stem. 6 out of 5 stars 73.

JOHNSONITE COVE CAPS-A512 ( Be the first to write a review ). Balanced solutions for productive spaces. cta-xx-a transitions There are 30 colors available for you to choose from for your cta-xx-a new flooring transition. TRANSITION SELECTOR CHART BY DIMENSION For profile drawing and details, cta-xx-a transitions see specific accessory categories on pages 182-185. Styles: CTA-XX-A: 1/4″ (6. 01 Snow White transitions (1) 09 Clay (1) cta-xx-a transitions 11. Identify thickness of materials to be transitioned. Tarkett&39;s broad selection of transition accessories helps you glide through a space without interference.

Requires CDB or MT type track base. rubber transition strip adhesive. Johnsonite CTA-XX-C is 1" wide and joins 1/4" flooring to 1/8" materials. More Cta-xx-a Transitions images. 375”, and can be used with our 4-6mm flooring or our 7-9mm flooring respectively.

tNon ADA Compliant 77 White Pearl W 179 Steel WG 67 Old Gold 176 Brass WB 66 Either Ore 69 Sterling Silver CG 82 Black Pearl B 178 Ironstone CG 71 Storm Cloud CG 58 Windsor Blue COLORMATCH. Durable construction of this cta-xx-a vinyl transition provides safety for those in your home or work space by smoothly transitioning from one flooring surface to another. Install cta-xx-a transitions Johnsonite transition moldings such as the CTA-XX-A, CTA-XX-C and CTA-XX-D with the 946 cta-xx-a transitions contact bond adhesive. · Johnsonite transition are designed for interior applications only.

Designed to transition from 1/4" carpet to 1/8" resilient materials. rubber transition strip adhesive. Non-stock colors are available by special order for an additional per color charge and usually ship within 5-7 business days. 95 Qt) – 24 to 36 sq. Finishing Accessories Tool. As part of the Tarkett family, cta-xx-a transitions Johnsonite has delivered the broadest portfolio of high-performance, resilient flooring surfaces in the industry. Find the corresponding color to match the thicknesses.

Description - Our cta-xx-a transitions Rubber Flooring cta-xx-a Ramps are constructed of homogeneous PVC and provide safe transitions cta-xx-a from transitions one surface to another. T4F Stocked Colors: 40 Black, 47 Brown, 48 Grey, 49 Beige, 63 Burnt Umber & 80 Fawn. Floor Prep & Self Leveling Underlayments. Keep in cta-xx-a transitions mind when installing floor trim molding you will cta-xx-a transitions need to secure it with a safe carpet adhesive. Highly durable Johnsonite Reducers can provide a finishing touch whenever vinyl, carpet, or resilient flooring meets (or partially covers) zero-height surfaces. Transition Selector Chart DIMENSIONS BY COLOR 1.

Now it’s possible to transition from one floor thickness to another with few slips and stumbles, and ensure that every detail is considered. solutions that will cta-xx-a transitions help you transition from one surface to anotheL Smooth. 1-1/2" wide level transition for adjoining 1/2" materials, 1/2" long snap-in stem. Add to cart Johnsonite CTA-XX-N Transition for 1/8" Flooring This Johnsonite Transition is for transitioning from 1/8" to 1/8" resilient cta-xx-a transitions floor materials, making it a great option for joining floors of the same height. Johnsonite CTA-XX-A cta-xx-a transitions Glue-Down Adaptor, 12 Ft.

1/4″ carpet to 1/8″ resilient materials, 1″ cap with 3/32″ wide support. 12 ft strips CTA-XX-Q, Various Material to Various Materials 12ft. Even if the two surfaces differ in thickness, these adaptors will create a seamless, unobtrusive juncture, each surface securely locked into place and allowing for safe foot and rolling traffic above. No matter which surfaces you need to join together, this is cta-xx-a the professional way to do it. CTA-XX-P 3/8" material to subfloor. *Slim line transitions also available in metallic colors. T4F Stocked Colors: 18 Navy Blue, 20 Charcoal, 40 Black, 47 Brown, 48 Grey, 49 Beige, 63 Burnt Umber & 80 Fawn.

CTA-XX-A (36) Color. Length - 1/4" carpet to 1/8" resilient materials, 1-3/8" cap with 1/8" wide cta-xx-a transitions support. Johnsonite Threshold Carpet Strips: highly durable transition strips. Find each of your surface thicknesses in the rows and columns below, then trace down and 5/16" XX-G XX-L CTA-XX-D CTA-XX-D CTA-XX-D CE-XX-A CD-XX CD.

) – 144 to 215 sq. T4F Stocked cta-xx-a transitions Colors: 40 Black, 47 Brown, 49 cta-xx-a transitions Beige & 63 cta-xx-a transitions Burnt Umber. Description Every new or remodeled floor, be it tiled, carpeted, or wood needs to have transition and moulding pieces to complete the function of your floor. Installs with contact bond adhesive. CTA-XX-N 1/8" to 1/8" material.

Cta-xx-a transitions

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